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Team building...

Cameron can provide a number of bespoke team building events. They are all based on genuine training and selection scenarios from the world of covert intelligence gathering. They range from two-hour to full day events, for anything from 12 to 40 people.

An event for 12 to 40 people. It was designed as a corporate team building event specifically to test and evaluate communication skills, but it can also be delivered as an entertaining fund raising evening for your local school or as a fun side event during your company’s annual conference. Prices are extremely competitive. Contact Cameron for details.

This event is designed to test leadership, team building, communications and decision making. You and your colleagues will act as an undercover surveillance team, using covert communications, cameras and audio bugs. Your mission will be to follow various criminals, assassins and spies (all played by former specials forces and undercover personnel) and gather evidence against them.

Tired of the run-of-the-mill hen or stag events? Cameron and his team can also run this event as part of an entertainment programme. Admit it, you've always wanted to be a spy, haven't you? So now you can. Get 12 or more friends or colleagues and for a day, you can become James or Jill Bond.

The events are run as half or full days and can be deployed anywhere in the world.

Cameron Addicott